Stone Sculpture

KVST1 16x41x72 CM
KVST2 21x39x71 CM
KVST4 17x27x61 CM
KVST5 15x27x55 CM
KVST6 16x27x54 CM
KVST7 23x40x56 CM
KVST8 21x30x40 CM
KVST9 21x33x63 CM
KVST10 20x48x52 CM
KVST11 24x50x45 CM
KVST12 21x42x36 CM
KVST13 18x32x52 CM
KVST14 18x45x32 CM
KVST15 15x60x30 CM
KVST16 33x53x101 CM
KVST17 31x43x47 CM
KVST18 3x37x90 CM
KVST19 25x33x67 CM
KVST20 20x35x100 CM
KVST21 30x15x36 CM
KVST22 30x15x36 CM
KVST24 43x12x54 CM
KVST26 47x26x52 CM
KVST27 60x28x54 CM
KVST28 32x23x27 CM
KVST29 63x21x45 CM
KVST31 32x23x27 CM
KVST32 44x15x60 CM
KVST33 44x15x60 CM
KVST35 46x15x35 CM
KVST36 28x20x101 CM
KVST37 28x20x101 CM
KVST38 25x20x73 CM
KVST39 25x20x72 CM
KVST40 40x24x62 CM
KVST41 42x21x72 CM
KVST42 25x18x66 CM
KVST43 50x25x55 CM
KVST44 48x20x67 CM
KVST45 29x23x72 CM
KVST46 36x20x75 CM
KVST47 44x20x56 CM
KVST48 44x24x40 CM
KVST49 40x28x62 CM
KVST50 45x24x58 CM
KVST51 33x20x64 CM
KVST52 54x30x102 CM
KVST53 28x20x60 CM
KVST54 50x40x165 CM
KVST55 50x40x165 CM
KVST56 77x65x77 CM
All products shown in catalogue are in standard sizes. However, all products can be customized in sizes and materials which must be concerned in extra costs occurred regarding to production process of factory.